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Welcome to AstroSounds!
Welkom bij AstroSounds !

Welcome to AstroSounds!
Welkom bij AstroSounds !
Leer luisteren naar de sterren
en help de wetenschap vooruit!
Learn to listen to the stars
and help science move forward!
AstroSounds for Everybody!
AstroSounds voor iedereen!
Audiovisual Fireworks
Auditief en visueel vuurwerk
AstroSounds goes beyond
AstroSounds gaat verder
Train your hearing on an astral level
train je gehoor op astraal niveau
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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
"I love listening to  the stars at night. It’s like listening to five hundred million little bells . . ."

AstroSounds approaches Astronomy from a different angle. Everyone thinks Astronomy aims mainly at visual observations (like pictures or stellar spectra), but it’s also possible to listen to the stars.
Stars vibrate like musical instruments. Like recognizing a musical instrument by the sound it makes, you can recognize a star by the sound it makes.



AstroSounds is a Citizen Science Project and wants to involve everyone, from all age groups, with this scientific research.


Train your hearing to the astral level!


Discover and recognize dozens of audios with online bookwidgets available to everyone.

thousands of stars

Thousands of stars, meaning thousands of samples to hear and admire!


AstroSounds is a project from Citizen Science in collaboration with

UC Leuven Limburg Moving Minds
PXL Music
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
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Citizen Science Vlaanderen
Universiteit Antwerpen
Vlaamse overheid

AstroSounds Train your hearing and help us map the stars!

Fun Facts

We have only just started, but our counters are ready for the real job.

Mobile devices

More than 400

Registered Users, what are you waiting for to join us?



Average score. Can you bring up the average?


Tens of thousands 

Stars to classify. There are many more stars in our universe, but for now we focus on a small part of the sky.



Sinus curves processed. A star requires around 25 sinus curves to produce a realistic sound.

Why AstroSounds?

AstroSounds approaches Astronomy from a different angle. Everyone thinks Astronomy aims mainly at visual observations (like pictures or stellar spectra), but it’s also possible to listen to the stars.
Stars vibrate like musical instruments. We can recognize these instruments by their specific timbre. Similarly, we can recognize a star by the timbre of the star’s vibrations and sounds.
In other words, our ears are able to filter out data from stellar phenomena that might be less easy to distinguish by eye.
The new generation of space telescopes has generated an explosion of new astronomical data. Could the human ear be equipped to aid us in analyzing the huge influx of data? This hypothesis lies at the base of the AstroSounds Citizen Science Project. Therefore, a large group of people –students, their teachers and citizens in general – will listen to and analyze stellar data. AstroSounds wants everyone, regardless of age, to become an astro-listener.

A series of bookwidgets aids you to become an astro-listener step by step. This way, you help scientists to investigate in which way listening to the stars is helpful in broader Astronomical research.
AstroSounds is a part of the Astronomical research of Prof. Kolenberg (KU Leuven/UAntwerpen/VUB) and the blind researcher Dr. Diaz Merced, who received a PhD in 2013 on the analysis of stellar data based on audio. This scientific component is one of the key elements of AstroSounds.
Do you want more background on the research of stellar vibrations? Click the following link:
“The research of stellar vibrations” 





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