This project fits right in the didactical research of the Art of Teaching (AoT) of teacher education in the UCLL, aiming on qualitative STEAM-education.

The professionalization of teachers and the improvement of didactics in schools is the main expertise of this group. UCLL leads the Flemish Learning Network STEM commissioned by the Flemish Ministry of Education and is a key partner in the follow-up project iSTEM-inkleuren.

Within the European project iMuSCiCA (, the UCLL has developed online learning tools around music and science. With these, students are encouraged to explicitly make connections between music, math/science and engineering.

Astronomy was, up until now, not a part of these packages. A project around ‘cosmical music’ is hence the perfect continuation of this line of research. The existing educational software of iMuSciCA is used as a starting point for an app that can teach students and others in a stepwise manner how to listen to the stars. More information on this you can find in the following article: "The connection between physics, engineering and music as an example of STEAM education". E. Andreotti, R. Frans. (Phys. Educ. 54 (2019) 045016. DOI).

The developed online workbench can be found on

Related researchers: Lise Verbraeken, Katrien Vyvey, Erica Andreotti, Jeroen op den Kelder & Renaat Frans.


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