We are AstroSounds

AstroSounds is a team of scientists, each of them with a passion for their area: Astronomy, Music, Pedagogy and Popular Science.
With our passion, we want to motivate everyone to collaborate in this Citizen Science project and to experience Astronomy yourself. AstroSounds teaches you to listen to the stars in an interactive way.

Erica Andreotti

portret Erica Andreotti UCLL

Frank Duchêne

portret Frank Duchêne

Renaat Frans

portret Renaat Frans

Anne-Lize Kochuyt Planetarium

portret Anne-Lize Kochuyt

Katrien Kolenberg KULEUVEN - UA

portret Katrien Kolenberg

Lise Verbraeken

portret Lise Verbraeken

Jeroen op den Kelder

portret Jeroen op den Kelder

Katrien Vyvey

portret Katrien Vyvey


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