Become an Astro-Listener: Teaser

Learn to listen to the stars with the AstroSounds bookwidgets!


Stars vibrate just like musical instruments. This way you can recognize stars from the sounds they make. In a series of bookwidgets you improve your skills in astro-listening. Scientists use your listening experience to investigate how the human ear can provide an extra dimension in stellar research.
In the teaser you will listen to real stars for the first time. It’s much the same as listening to musical instruments. This way you train your ears so you can discern different types of stars. This will become your first experience with the AstroSounds bookwidgets.

Start the teaser by clicking on the ear icon.  
If nothing happens, it’s possible your browser is blocking pop-ups. To activate this, click on ‘allow pop-ups’ in the upper right corner of your browser.


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